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Sit strong, stand easy
Per Øie, 1985

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Designed by Per Øie in 1985, Move is the chair in the Varier collection which allows for the widest range of movement. With its convex wooden base, a rounded seat and a height adjustable gas lift, the chair prompts you to actively find and keep your balance while still providing you with the support you need to remain comfortable. Move is the perfect companion for the height adjustable desk, or when engaging in activities where freedom of movement is essential.

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Move’s wooden base is made from beech plywood, covered with an ash top veneer, manually sanded and coated with water-based, non-toxic lacquers for a beautiful finish. The gaslift is made in Germany, empowered by high-pressured gas, making the height adjustable mechanism smooth and reliable. A soft sculpted foam seat with three identical sides, ads to the chairs ease of use.

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Woman sitting on Move in modern office space. Sit stand chair stool, design by Per Øie.

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Move is highly customizable, allowing you to create the chair that best suits your individual needs. Choose between three different gaslifts differentiated by height and two seat sizes. The wooden base is available with a natural, white, grey or black lacquered finish and the upholstered seat comes in a variety of fabric options.

Per Øie


Norwegian designer, Per Øie, graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 1958. His designs have been showcased around the world, including exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris, London and Copenhagen. Øie gained national recognition for his Move chair and was awarded the highly sought-after DOGA Honorary Award in 2002. 

Move stool designer Per Øie